gas safety valve / threaded / flange / shut-off
VK series



  • Fluid:

    for gas

  • Other characteristics:

    threaded, flange, shut-off

  • Controlled pressure:

    Max.: 8,000 mbar (116 psi)

    Min.: 230 mbar (3.3 psi)

  • DN:

    Max.: 250 mm

    Min.: 40 mm


This product has hydraulically actuated class A gas safety valves to EN 161 used for automatic shut-off. It shuts off when unstimulated for gas and air, or even biologically produced methane. It has AISi or GGG 40 housing and a 40 to 250 DN. It has a pe of 230 mbar(max) to 8 bar(max) and a 100V AC-220/240V AC mains voltage. The product features VK..Z(2step operation),VK..G(for steam boilers, open air or landfill systems),VK..H(for higher pressures),and VK..X which is explosion proof(for zone 1 and 2 hazardous places). It comes with standard plugs with socket and electrical connections that has a number of versions.