terminal with touch screen / panel-mount / table-top / wall-mount



  • Interface:

    with touch screen

  • Mounting:

    panel-mount, table-top, wall-mount, rack-mount

  • Other characteristics:

    all-in-one, economical, robust, waterproof

  • Applications:



A10S is a all in one device, combined 4G, lora communication, 8-channels analog input, and 2 serial port. These function enable it works as a 4G RTU, Lora RTU, or 4G/Lora serial port server, when work together with Hongdian Lora Node it could even became Lora gateway. All these flexible features make A10 suits the evolving application and industrials of IoT world.

Dual Serial ports
12-bit sampling analog-to-digital converter
Up to 8-channels analog input
Ultra low-power mode
World-wide 4G compatible
Flexible config & MQTT/TCP/IP embedded

Distribution Automation/Oil & Gas distribution/Commercial & Industrial metering

Analog in suit for DC or AC, max input 5V,
Voltage accuracy 5mV. Max input current 20mA, and current accuracy 20uA
Power output 12V±5%,400mA
programmable, overcurrent protection