tunnel telephone / emergency / weather-resistant



  • Applications:

    for tunnels

  • Other characteristics:

    emergency, weather-resistant


communication.KNTECH Telephone Management System is design for control office to monitor the Emergency Call
Point in real time to make sure all the phone station are in good working status. Ensure the control
office know immediately if one telephone broken and can send someone out to repair it.
TSS-1000 is operating basis on Windows software package use on a PC having the Microsoft
Windows. Consist of one windows software + the Emergency call point KNSP-19. All the Emergency
Call Point devices have a monitoring and self-diagnostic functionality. Including automatic self-test of
microphone and loudspeaker with configurable plan for how often this self-test runs automatically.
At Least every 24 hours, all the Emergency Call Point shall send their health/fault status to the
control room TSS-1000 to display the status at the control room. This data also be available to any
relevant subscriber of monitoring data as for maintenance purpose.
Details on symbols, icons and color codes to identify objects monitoring status are designed for
Employer’s easy operation.
The system is highly reliable. Simply installation and Operation. Just running the TSS-1000 in your
computer. Its an good idea to Working with KNTECH Telephone Command Sever or also working
will with SIEMENS/AVAYA/HUAWEI/ZTE/ALCATEL/NEC. and any brand.
Phone call is higher priority while perform a self-checking task.