battery-powered rivet gun / for blind rivets / with setting process monitoring
e-BZ 6430



  • Operation:


  • Applications:

    for blind rivets

  • Other characteristics:

    with setting process monitoring


The e-BZ 6430 is the powerful cordless riveter for blind rivets up to 6.4 mm diameter in all materials – also for high-strength variants.

With a setting force of 20.000 N and the large stroke of 30 mm, standard blind rivets and high-strength
versions such as FERO®-BULB and FERO®-BOLT, and also breakstem blind rivets or optionally lockbolt pins can be quickly and reliably processed in one step.

The newly developed brushless BLDC DC motor guarantees a practically wear-free constant life-cycle. Low current consumption and reduced heat development increase the battery life and efficiency.