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EnvisionFX 2.0



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    interface, control, communications, scheduling

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EnvisionFX 2.0
File Transfer Software for Operator Control Stations

Cscape™ EnvisionFX (File Transfer) is a low-cost, Windows® based software application that allows you to easily transfer files between your PC and the XL, NX and QX series Operator Control Stations via a graphical interface.

EnvisionFX also uses the Horner CsCAN protocol to transfer files, giving you the flexibility to support various communications options including: Ethernet, serial, wireless, telephone, CAN and cellular.

Transfer files from OCS removable media such as MicroSD™ or CompactFlash™ without having to remove memory cards
Copy, move and rename local and remote files
Use the tool bar to copy and paste files or drag and drop files between windows
Project Manager allows you to define a set of sites and controllers for faster file transfers
Advanced scripting support allows for batch processing and scheduling automatic file transfers
Transfer receipe data, data logs, screen captures and more