vertical baling press / front-loading / for cardboard boxes / for plastics
V-Press 860 series



  • Orientation:


  • Loading:


  • Product applications:

    for cardboard boxes, for plastics, for textiles, for waste, for packaging

  • Other characteristics:


  • Compression power:

    434 kN, 548 kN

  • Bale weight:

    480 kg (1,058 lb)


The HSM V-Press has a pressing power of 532 kN. It employs technology that is energy-saving and it is very economical and ecological solution for disposal of waste. It offers special retaining claws and optimizes the compression of materials and reduces the number of loading actions. It is easy to use and comfortable with a membrane keypad.

Configurations: eco double door with hand wheel door lock, plus sliding door with hand wheel door lock, max sliding door with hydraulic door lock