horizontal baling press / top-loading / for cardboard boxes / for paper
HL 3521 T, HL 3521 S, HSM HL 3521



  • Orientation:


  • Loading:


  • Product applications:

    for cardboard boxes, for paper, foam, for sacks, for big bags, for plastics

  • Other characteristics:


  • Compression power:

    320 kN

  • Bale weight:

    300 kg, 400 kg (661 lb)


The HL 3521 comes with a large exceptional loading aperture and is the ideal equipment for compressing large quantities of a variety of materials such as, cardboard, paper, foils and packaging material. This compressor is highly suitable for processing extremely bulky and large materials. The 6-fold strapping process is efficiently performed in a manually using polyester tape or wire. The press ram’s full stroke easily ejects the bale entirely. It comes with a stored-program PLC controller. Compression levels are high and are ensured by well designed retaining claws. The press ram’s return stroke ensures to provide optimum operation. Its hydraulic loading flap is efficient enough for pre-compressing and maximum operation comfort. The product comes with a exclusive design and the press ram comes with controllable positioning which allows for easy servicing and cleaning.