horizontal baling press / channel / top-loading / for cardboard boxes
VK 1210, VK 1206



  • Orientation:


  • Loading:

    channel, top-loading

  • Product applications:

    for cardboard boxes, for paper, for plastics

  • Other characteristics:


  • Compression power:

    160 kN

  • Bale weight:

    Max.: 200 kg (441 lb)

    Min.: 100 kg (220 lb)


These are used when small and medium loads are needed in various industries like processing, PET bottles, UBC disposal, facilities used for shredding documents, printing and paper. These devices are ideal for applications with throughput around 110 m3 per hour. The loading length is more, apart from that it is similar to VK 1206. They are perfect solutions for cardboard, PET bottles and foils. The loading aperture is around 1000 mm and are ideal for large workpieces and higher rates of throughput. Manual strapping is an option and continuous loading can be done efficiently. Different materials can be worked upon by these systems wherein the operational side can chosen by the user. The light barrier is used to regulate the compression cycle. The system requires little space and has compact dimensions of the bale.