PET bottle perforating machine
PET PF 600-4, PET PF 1200-4



  • Applications:

    PET bottle


HSM perforators effectively perforate PET-bottles before compaction thus creating an optimum compact bale. The perforators PF 600-4 and PF 1200-4 have very high throughput capacities and excellent price/performance ratios complete the HSM range of disposal systems.

Perforation of empty and/or full plastic bottles (max. approx. 2.5 l) is possible, with or without caps.
Perforation of the plastic bottles achieves optimum compression for reduced transport and storage costs.
Sturdy cutting unit - will handle the occasional glass bottle.
Ideal as an option for the HSM VK- / AK channel baling presses or alternatively as an independent system.
Perforator may be mounted in a loading chute, moved manually or automatically / hydraulically to allow compression of alternative materials which do not need perforation.
Applicable for all systems using underframe and hopper with conveyor-belt, also possible for retrofitting to existing systems.