office document shredder / high-power



  • Type:

    office, high-power

  • Volume:

    33 l (9 gal)

  • Intake width:

    240 mm


Data security made easy! The powerful entry level model of the B-series for the workplace. With automatic start/stop and
overload protection. The waste container with 33 litres of capacity can be easily removed and emptied.
x High quality materials and "Made in Germany" quality for
safety and durability. With 3 years warranty.
x Cutting rollers made of hardened solid steel.
x Powerful motor allows for continuous operation.
x Quiet operation minimises noise development in the
x EcoSmart: exceptionally low power consumption of
0.1 Watts in stand-by mode.
x Blue Angel: the document shredder was awarded this for
its sustainability.

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