horizontal baling press / top-loading / for cardboard boxes / for paper
8 TE



  • Orientation:


  • Loading:


  • Product applications:

    for cardboard boxes, for paper, for plastics

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, compact, high-capacity

  • Compression power:

    80 kN

  • Bale weight:

    40 kg (88 lb)


The mobile HSM 8TE small baler offers superior performance, efficiency and flexibility. The compact baling press offers an easy operation. The strapping tape is to be inserted and then simply switch on for operation. The strapping and ejection of the bales can be performed easily. The complete bale ejection enables direct ejection of the compact bales onto a pallet and easy transport to a storage location. The unit features automatic return stroke of press ram after the pressing cycle. The encoded solenoid switch ensures secured loading flap during compression. The continuous polyester tape offers convenient bale strapping. The electronically secured bale removal door is equipped with automatic bale unloading to offer easy operation.