three-phase current data-logger / RS-232C / without display / programmable
HT XL422



  • Measured quantity:

    three-phase current

  • Connector type:


  • Display:

    without display

  • Other characteristics:


  • Memory capacity:

    Min.: 455 unit

    Max.: 1,820 unit


The XL422 is mainly designed to provide an excellent quality performance and functionality for very specific purposes and applications . It is capable of performing several measurement and monitoring jobs with a current capacity of up to 2500A within a 3-phase three wire unit. It is highly used for several applications which includes the evaluation of load consumption, verification of nominal power of transformer and more. It is an equipment which is provided with a safe and secure casing integrated with a built-in adjustable clamp which allows clamp-on cables or bars. Due to the memory algorithm of the device, it is capable of recording several jobs for a very long time. The TOPVIEW2004 Windows software incorporated within the device allows the downloading and analyzing of all the recorded data straightly unto the PC.