geotechnical drilling rig / for wells / piling / geothermal
JOY 1 Geo



  • Drilling type:

    geotechnical, for wells, piling, geothermal

  • Mobility:


  • Drilling unit:

    down-the-hole, tophammer, rotary

  • Other characteristics:


  • Drilling depth:

    1,420 mm


Designed and built to give a high performance with a reduced size, this unit is particularly suited for use in confined spaces and on all types of terrain.

It’s possible to equip the machine with remote control

JOY 1 Geo Hydraulic Drilling Unit

Lightweight drilling machine for drilling vertical or sloping holes; it can mount several different types of drilling head and perform various drilling techniques:

with augers
by rotary percussion hammers
air drilling
down the hole hammer drilling

All the drilling machine can be equipped with a removable hydraulic control box for safe working in closed or dangerous environments.

This type of drilling machine is perfect for all types of operation because of its small size and ease of transport, even with medium size vehicles. It is ideal for the following types of drilling, both indoors and outdoors:

Mini piles
Small wells