proportional solenoid valve / 2-way / 3-way / 4-way



  • Ports/positions:

    2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 5-way

  • Medium:


  • Other characteristics:

    proportional, plug


The electro-proportional valves are typical and optimum performance models of HyPerformance™ HPV, HSP series. These enable you to have comparative control of the hydraulic flow on cylinders. It features 150 lpm (80 gpm) flow rate and 5,000 psi pressure that is equal to 345 bars and 6090 psi is equal to 420 bars, sporadically. The PV and ZL series are to control flow, the TS series can control the pressure and the SP series have flow control qualities. The SPCL and HSPEC features multi-purpose dimensional control with fixed load-tolerance and flow recompense.