helical gear reducer / perpendicular / parallel-shaft / for heavy loads
IRO series



  • Type:


  • Shaft orientation:

    perpendicular, parallel-shaft

  • Performance:

    for heavy loads, maintenance-free

  • Other characteristics:

    for harsh environments, for wheel and track drives, for belt and chain transmissions, industrial, rugged, shaft-mounted, for belt conveyors, for food industry machinery, ATEX, for the cement industry, for continuous operation, IP67

  • Torque:

    Max.: 7,530 Nm (5,553.843 ft.lb)

    Min.: 930 Nm (685.9328 ft.lb)

  • Power:

    Max.: 160 kW (217.54 hp)

    Min.: 2.2 kW (2.99 hp)


The shaft mounted gear series ( IRO ) are the best solutions for quarries and mining sectors. The backstop feature of the gearboxes allow you to load heavy charges on your inclined conveyors or applications. The IRO series also assist you with low maintenance and high reliability.

Product Advantages
- Easy mounting
- Backstop feature
- Heavy load resistance
- Designed for easy cleaning and dust resistance