performance management software / monitoring / energy consumption management / synthesis



  • Function:

    monitoring, energy consumption management, performance management, synthesis, production management, for remote access, collaborative work, report management, supply chain, measurement with automatic reporting, CMMS, production control, reporting, MES, optimization, process control, visual inspection, diagnostic, workflow management, business intelligence, dashboard

  • Applications:

    process, industrial, alarm, for production, laboratory, diagnostic, for factories, machine vision

  • Type:

    automated, cloud, collaborative

  • Operating system:

    Windows, web browser


IBIPROD is an industrial software solution for analyzing and optimizing your industrial performance by:
- Ensuring reliable acquisition and dissemination of production information
- Allowing the comparison of sites, workshops, lines and equipment with common criteria
- Daily monitoring of performance indicators (production, quality, cost, etc.)
- Leading production management
- Quickly identifying under-production workshops
- Managing shutdowns and thus reducing production losses
- Making the best decisions faster through complete operational visibility
- Generating performance reports automatically, reliably and daily

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