inkjet marking machine / for integration / compact / for paper



  • Technique:


  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, for paper


The Ink jet markers type "Settebello" or "Kosi-Jet" can be used in marking one to two lines. They are compactly constructed tools that can be utilized under a temperature of -5 °C and +40°C. With a printing speed ranging from 3 to 80m/min, various orientations including those from right, from left, standing and overturned can be employed.

The markers are designed with Autovelox system. This feature can be automatically adjusted depending on the direction and speed of the packages. A memory capacity of 8000 character for expiring dates, batches, production rates is also incorporated.

The Settebello version, on one hand, comes with 7 nozzles. The Kosi-Jet, on the other, is built with 7 to 16 nozzles. Both of them are capable of operating even without an aid of a compressed air.