multi-flap case sealer / adhesive tape / automatic / gummed paper
CG 150

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multi-flap case sealer / adhesive tape / automatic / gummed paper multi-flap case sealer / adhesive tape / automatic / gummed paper - CG 150


  • Flaps:


  • Sealing mode:

    adhesive tape

  • Other caracteristic:

    automatic, gummed paper

  • Throughput:

    10 p/min


This high-performance, fully automatic taping machine for gummed paper has been designed for taping cardboard boxes of different sizes. The machine receives the filled boxes coming from one or more lines via idler or powered roller beds. The spaced insertion of the boxes, the machine’s regulation to the size of the box inserted, the closing of the upper flaps and the sticking on of the gummed paper above and below are fully automatic, so an operator does not need to be present.

• Automatic adjustment for different box sizes;
• Automatic folding of upper flaps, box conveying and upper and lower sealing with a motorized introducing and spacing group for boxes;
• Vertical and side auto-dimensioning with an electric control apparatus;
• Dynamic side-and-back-flap closing device with the possibility of closing boxes with orizontally opened flaps;
• Boxes normally enter from the right (seepicture in colour); entry from the left is available as an option;
• Adjustable humidification;
• Gummed paper non-return ratchet device;
• Lack of inertial forces when unwinding the paper tape from the reel thanks to the pivoting roller brake;
• Pneumatically controlled, self-sharpening guillotine cutting group;
• Rollers to press the gummed paper onto the boxes can be adjusted: pressure can be changed depending on the contents and/or thickness of the boxes;
• Front and behind can be changed from 40 to 80mm according to paper width;
• Final long brush for additional adhesion pressure on the upper horizontal section of gummed paper;