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air monitoring module / automatic air monitoring module / automatic - Fill-Control


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A novelty: FILL-CONTROL by IDE-Compressors Manufaktur, the new fully automatic safety controls for filling systems. In June 2015 the new Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health came into effect. This imposes many new and strict requirements on operators and filling personnel of breathing-air filling systems.

In particular there are new rules for recording several sets of data before filling. FILL-CONTROL makes sure that this happens automatically and that the operator and filling personnel will not incur liability risks.
FILL-CONTROL – maximum safety in compliance with the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health

Writing down the required information is a chore and precaution, often forgotten when in a hurry, sometimes even deemed unnecessary. If a filling accident happens, however, apart from damage to health and/or property, it may well cause considerable liability and/or insurance problems for the operator of the filling facility, because failure to record required data can be construed as intent.

This is the reason why IDE-Compressors Manufaktur – as the first manufacturer – developed the new FILL-CONTROL. All relevant data are recorded automatically, and breathing-air cylinders can not be filled until these data are complete.

With FILL-CONTROL topping-up already filled breathing-air cylinders can be done in a permissible way. Cylinders can no longer overheat during filling, because high-precision infrared sensors permanently monitor their temperature and the filling rate is controlled accordingly