rotary evaporator / laboratory / for liquids
RV 8 V-C



  • Type:


  • Laboratory/process:


  • Applications:

    for liquids

  • Electrical output:

    1,400 W


The series of rotary evaporators from IKA introduces a new addition to its line, the RV 8 V-C. This improved distilling system is a useful basic model.

It has a manual lift, allowing accurate positioning of the glassware. The instrument is equipped with a digital display, which indicates the rotation speed and heating bath temperature. These characteristics guarantee optimum management of all distilling processes.

It is also designed with a flexible immersion angle, and an updated clamp mechanism, which simplifies the changing of evaporation flasks. The unit can be operated with one hand, supported by an ambidextrous construction. In addition, the device is offered with extra user safety through reduced 24 V power requirements.