cut-off saw / miter / for metals / for profiles
V 350 Cold Saw



  • Technology:

    cut-off, miter

  • Treated material:

    for metals

  • Applications:

    for profiles, for tubes

  • Other characteristics:

    with cooling system, compact, heavy-duty, electric, manual actuation

  • Circular saw blade diameter:

    350 mm

  • Round piece diameter:

    110 mm, 115 mm



Compact, pedestal mounted, manual circular cut-off saws, operated by a hand lever, offer easy mitre cutting for the workshop or toolroom

- Manually operated clamp for material vise
- Heavy duty gearbox,
- Robust Double Hinged Pivot
- Low voltage start/stop trigger switch within the pull down hand grip
- Counterbalance spring
- Miter capabilities 45 degrees left and 45 degrees right
- Double split vice to grip material on both sides of the material
- Self centering of vice optimizes cutting position
- Two cutting speeds
- Adjustable bar stop 500mm
- Large base for ultra-stability.
- Electric coolant pump with tank