side-sealer shrink wrapping machine / fully-automatic / box / for bottles



  • Operational mode:


  • Product applications:

    box, for bottles, for trays, for wood, for industrial washing, for cans, for cosmetic products, for food products, for pharmaceutical products, for dairy products, tray, for beer, for the food and beverage industry, for books, for cylindrical products, electric power industry, flexible packaging, long product

  • Other characteristic:

    for heat-shrink films, with shrink tunnel, side-sealer, intermittent-motion, servo-driven

  • Throughput:

    Max.: 55 p/min

    Min.: 35 p/min

  • Width:

    Max.: 500 mm (19.7 in)

    Min.: 50 mm (2 in)


Shrink wrapper Experience IS 600 ECO, designed for fully automatic packaging, is a three conveyor belts side sealer suitable for types of products ranging from food, technical and / or cosmetic industry.
The flow of products is in line and the packaging cycle is controlled by sensors reading of product to facilitate both manual loading and automatic.

The products are wrapped in a center-folded film which is sealed on the three sides.
The cross sealing bar has pneumatic drive and follows an intermittent movement. The side welding works with a system that allows to ensure the integrity of the seal and to maintain the sealing area always clean.
Changing the layout does not require any rotation of the wheels, it's made with automatic adjustments from touch screen or manually managed via tape guide. It is suitable for medium / high production and achieves a performance of 4000 packages per hour. Ideal for small spaces thanks to its compact dimensions.

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