bulk material complete packaging line / wafer / for medical applications / for biscuits



  • Product applications:

    for bulk materials, wafer, for medical applications, for biscuits, for food, for chocolate products, for chocolate bars, for bulk materials

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, high-speed


Imbal Stock Automatic Packaging Solutions & Robot and Vision Systems.
Production of single and multi-pack products for combination packaging.

Building solutions that establish value
We are always looking for solutions that create value for customers, paying attention to their needs and responding with competence and precision.

Imbal Stock, launches innovative flow wrappers in the production of horizontal machines for secondary packaging,
film packaging and post-press treatment, realizes industrial robotic solutions with an increasingly advanced level of automation.

SINGLE PRODUCTS: Product loading robots with customizable vision systems and packaging

MULTIPACK: Multiple packs for promotional items "buy 2, pay 1" + placement in automatic box.

Plug-and-play: automation and packaging is efficient when it simplifies and optimizes, integrating into production processes in an open, agile and intelligent way.