wireless remote control / 10-button / 12-button / with integrated display
M880 WAVE2 L



  • Type:


  • Control interface:

    10-button, 12-button

  • Other characteristics:

    with integrated display

  • Product applications:

    for tower cranes, industrial


Generational change also for the Wave2 L model.
One of the novelties is the substitution of the NiMH Battery with a Li-ion polymer battery that allows an uninterrupted use of the radio remote control up to 25 hours.
New functions, like the automatic frequency change with “AFA” technology (Adaptive or Automatic Frequency Agility), a continuous monitoring from a PC with a dedicated diagnostics tool, the PIN Code option to restrict the use of the radio remote only to authorized personnel, a LED that allows to have the sight of pushbuttons in dark workplaces, under poor lighting conditions and at night, are nice assets to have.
Unlike the previous model, the new pushbutton Wave2 L can be equipped with a graphical display.
Wave2 L is deal for overhead cranes equipped with auxiliary hoists, grabs, electromagnets, medium-size tower cranes, etc.