Langmuir probe / floating potential / plasma potential / laboratory

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Langmuir probe Langmuir probe


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    floating potential, plasma potential

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The Langmuir Probe is one of the most common and widely used plasma diagnostics and plasma characterisation instruments to measure parameters in the bulk of the plasma.

The Langmuir Probe measures plasma parameters such as floating potential, plasma potential, plasma density, ion current density, electron energy distribution function and electron temperature. Our system uses the most up to date probe theory available, drawing on Orbital Motion Limited and as the pressure regimes change, moving on to Allen Boyd Reynolds to account for collisions.

The Langmuir Probe is by far the best commercial Langmuir Probe on the market, with its ultra fast repeatable measurements. The inclusion of both a Single and Double Langmuir Probe in each system is evidence of Impedans commitment to its customers.

The Langmuir Probe is a precision plasma measurement instrument used in a wide range of plasma laboratory applications. The Langmuir Probe is the key plasma diagnostic used by scientists interested in plasma characterisation to measure the internal parameters of the bulk of the plasma. Among the key parameters measured are electron density, ion density, electron temperature, plasma potential, floating potential and the electron energy distribution function (EEDF). The Langmuir Probe provides plasma parameter measurement in DC, RF, microwave, continuous and pulsed plasma.