ultrasonic inspection device / soldering

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ultrasonic inspection device / soldering ultrasonic inspection device / soldering - SpotChecker


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Spotchecker is a hand held flaw detector for examining spotwelds in-situ on the line of production. Its weight is merely 3.2kg, it operates on battery and is fastened to IP65. It has a hot swap battery exchange feature in order to ensure its non-stop functioning.

Spotchecker doesn't need much training and the "expert" system is a plus for those individuals who have few weld inspection qualifications. Spotchecker "exhausts" the current USLT line of products for spot weld examination. It is also truly portable with a housing that offers protection against ruggedness and environmental conditions that could damage it.

It differs from existing models due to its light weight, user-friendly functioning (with touchscreen operations) and protection from environmental factors, making it longlasting.