wedge ultrasonic transducer / direct-contact / angle beam / shear wave
MWB Series



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  • Applications:

    angle beam, shear wave


These small size angle beam transducers are used for general weld inspection, tubes, pipes, pressure vessels, pumps, turbine blades, wheel rims, etc.

European models have an integral wedge, and feature a durable, ergonomically-designed die-cast housing and have maximum precision and reliability. These transducers have an extended service life due to replacement soles, and have a Lamp 00 connector with standard side mounting.

North American models have interchangeable wedges sold separately, with custom wedge angles and curvatures available on special order. Quick change and screw mounted style are available. Microdot connector used on MSW-QC and MSWS types, MMD used on SMSWS.