suction blast cabinet / manual / with turntable / for the automotive industry
M series



  • Technology:


  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    with turntable, for the automotive industry

  • Width:

    66 in, 70 in, 82 in, 92 in

  • Height:

    103 in, 105 in

  • Depth:

    67 in, 74 in, 75 in, 92 in, 101 in


An economical suction type cabinet is ideal for every day maintenance and light duty jobs. Compressed air (released by operator’s pedal or trigger gun) enters the gun and creates a vacuum which draws and expels the abrasive onto the work piece.

Media then returns to reclaimer to be cleaned, and dust is expedited to dust bags. This system operates with lightweight reclaimable abrasive such as glass beads or aluminum oxide. If cabinet is used more than one hour per day we recommend a high-performance dust collector for maximum results.


♦ General manufacturing
♦ Aerospace and Aviation
♦ Marine industry
♦ Automotive
♦ Power & energy
♦ Pharmaceutical
♦ Petroleum

Dust collector features an energy-saving air- filtration system that captures 99% of all particles five (5) microns or larger.
Fan mounted on dust collector rather than reclaimer to prevent abrasive wear to fan housing and impeller.
Cartridge-type dust collectors available for improved efficiency and durability (also available in 600, 900 and 1200 CFM models).
Tunable reclaimer can be adjusted to control media size.
Externally adjustable tuning band requires no tools and controls fine size extracted from blast media.
Rigid, dual-panel doors stand up to abrasives and seal more tightly than single-panel doors.
Safety-door switches (optional) prevent accidental blasting when doors are open. Complies with OSHA USA requirements.
Self-adjusting door latch ensures continued tight sealing as door gaskets age.
Simple, pneumatic controls deliver greater reliability than electric controls employing limit switches and solenoids that often stick and burn.

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