automatic blast cabinet

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automatic blast cabinet automatic blast cabinet


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This Recycling System is the Solution to effectively achieving maximum abrasive efficiency. Not only is the blasting more effective, with less dust in the abrasive, there will be less airborne dust and less wear and tear on the blast pot and associated components.

The operator simply shovels the used abrasives into the loading hopper provided and the bucket elevator lifts the abrasives up to the top of the airwash system, where it is then gravity fed through the airwash zone. Airflow provided by the single cartridge dust collector is drawn through the garnet as it passes through the air wash and this process separates the dustfrom the good, re-usable abrasive.

A removable coarse debris screen is provided to trap larger wast before it can enter the blast pot. The dust and fines are drawn off by the dust collection system, where they are deposited into a refuse dust bin provided.


♦ General manufacturing
♦ Aerospace and aviation
♦ Automotive
♦ Petroleum
♦ Marine

Ideally suited for use with a 6ft³ blast pots ( Not included )

Fully adjustable abrasive airwash system to clean the used abrasive.
Efficient, simple bucket elevator system to deliver the abrasive to the airwash.
Includes a single cartridge dry dust collection system with reverse pulse cartridge purging.
Only requires 240 Volt single phase electrical power.
Cleans garnet at the rate of 3,000kg (6,600lbs) per hour.
Ideally suited for use with 170 Litre (6ft³) blast pots (blast pot not included).
Can be used with other recyclable abrasive types.
Can be easily moved around the work site for operation directly adjacent to the blasting area.