suction blast cabinet / automatic / conveyor
M4848 S8



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Ideal for integrated cell manufacturing, ISTBlast deflashers function with high efficiency in integrated manufacturing cells, where similar parts or families of parts are molded and finished within stringent quality and time constraints of just-in-time manufacturing. ISTBlast Inline Conveyor blasters provide continuous flow blasting process with even blasting quality over entire surface for consistent results.

Equipped with mounted nozzles that propel abrasives onto surface of parts moving on conveyer line, these units adhere perfectly to quality and time constraints of automated or just-in-time manufacturing. Parameters such as conveyor speed and abrasive propelling can be adjusted to personalize each process and obtain consistent results from one batch to another, with minimal handling from the operator.

Small-footprint units are compactly designed to operate near molding presses or link to presses via conveyor. Can be easily configured for automatic or semi-automatic operation to eliminate hand finishing and increase production. Available in adjustable mesh belt, double belt and other parts-handling configurations, the ISTBlast deflasher comes standard with dust collector and air knife for flexibility and versatility that meet today’s requirements for on-demand production without sacrificing quality.

Equipped with powerful induction-feed suction blasting system, the ISTBlast deflasher assures clean and dust-free finished parts. Units come with free-standing dust collector and external cyclone with adjustable separator for media reclamation. For high volume use, pulse-type dust collector provides continuous filter cleaning.

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