wet blast cabinet / manual / with turntable / stainless steel
M3636 SW



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    with turntable, stainless steel


ISTBlast range of wet blast systems are built with strong stainless steel and offer advanced features to ensure efficient operation, operator comfort, maximum cleaning as well as good visibility and ease of use. As with dry blasting cabinets, similar work piece handling options can be integrated to automate the process.

With Industrial M Series Sandblasting Cabinets, wet blast systems can be pressure or suction.

Pressure-fed-air wet blast cabinets are designed specifically for production applications where high work output is required, combined with optimum abrasive quality.

Suction-fed air blast cabinets are designed specifically for production applications where less aggressive surface treatment is required, such as getting smooth surface finishing on different items. Suction-fed blasting is less powerful than pressure-fed blasting, but uses significantly less compressed air.


Stainless steel construction
Large viewing window with water spray and wiper
Integral turntable for easy component handling (Roll-in turntable option available)
Adjustable gun holder
Interlocked door
Simple hands-free pump controls
High performance wear-resistant pump and process gun
Easily maintenance for pump and motor
Can be used with wide range of abrasives, glass beads or soft blast grits
Wide range of options including automation

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