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GP 1/16 ECO B



  • Applications:


  • Power source:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    Max.: 900 W

  • Capacity:

    16 l (4.2 gal)


GP 1/16 ECO B is a professional dry use vacuum cleaner. Powerful and versatile, it is suitable to work efficiently on small and medium surfaces thanks to its caster wheels. With its accessory cart you can easily carry a wide range of nozzles and brushes, making every task easy and fast.

For this reason GP 1/16 ECO B is recommended for professional cleaners operating in hotels rooms, halls corridors and offices. The patented antibacterial “Sanifilter” prevents the ejection of germs and bacteria into the surrounding environment ensuring a more hygienic cleaning operation.

The plastic used to produce this vacuum is recycled and compliant to RoHS and REACH guidelines.


- Extremely Flexible Hooks
- Exclusive Built-In Sealed Gasket
- Trolley With Tool Holder
- Easy Storage Thanks To Cable Hook
- Screwing Connection - Hose Always Fastened
- EcoMotor - Best Performance With Maximum Energy Saving
- EcoBrush - Powerful Combi Nozzle For High Cleaning Efficacy
- EcoBag - High Efficiency Filtration And Containment (Class M Certified)
- Innovative Gasket - Maximum Seal: No Loss Of Airflow During Suction
- Reliable Construction For Intensive Use
- AP TUBE - Aluminium/Plastic Tube
- Sanifilter - Certified Antibacterial Treatment

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