signal amplifier / ytterbium-doped / single-mode / rack-mount
YAR-LP-SF Series



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    ytterbium-doped, single-mode, rack-mount, electronic, fiber optic

  • Power:

    Min.: 1 W (0 hp)

    Max.: 50 W (0 hp)


The YAR-LP-SF Series is a line of linearly polarized (LP) single frequency (SF) single-mode fiber amplifiers covering the spectral range from 1030-1070 nm. Typical bandwidth of the amplifier is 10-20 nm (depending on output power) which allows tunability of the input signal for exact wavelength matching. The series includes 1-100 W versions. These user friendly and highly efficient 19” rack mounted devices are designed for maintenance-free applications over a temperature range of 10°C to 35°C. The YAR-LP-SF Series is optimized for linearly polarized single frequency input signals and can be used for a variety of applications including coherent beam combining, detection systems, sensing and other applications.

Selectable Wavelength
Single Frequency
Up to 100 W Saturated Output Power
Single-mode Fiber Delivery
Advanced Protection Circuits Against Input Signal
Interruption and High Back Reflection
Automatic Power and Current Controls
Operation in Adverse Ambient Conditions
Extremely Reliable

Holography & Interferometry
Optical Metrology
High Resolution CW Spectroscopy
Atom Trapping & Optical Tweezers
Biomedical Instrument Integration
CW Mid-IR OPO pumping

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