laser welding machine / automatic / compact / three-phase
LaserWeld series



  • Technique:


  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, three-phase, single-phase, metal, 4-axis

  • Power:

    300 W, 500 W, 2,000 W, 3,000 W, 20,000 W


The LaserWeld 4-Axis Workcell is a compact and highly cost-efficient tool for welding of a wide range of metal components, enclosures and fabrications. The high pulsed mode peak power of the QCW laser provides deep penetration in highly reflective materials. With a rugged industrial construction, this system includes a granite table and superstructure for thermal and mechanical stability and is easily programmed for maximum tool flexibility. Within the LaserWeld 4-Axis Series, the standard LaserWeld 4-Axis system is configured with enhanced-accuracy stages up to 500 mm travel, while the LaserWeld 4-Axis Compact provides a standard accuracy motion system at a lower cost-point for less demanding applications.

Choice of Lasers Optimized for Penetration of Reflective Materials
Work Envelope (standard) X: 500 mm Y:300 mm Z: 300 mm
Rotation About X-axis is Standard; Additional Axes Optional
G/M code Programming, Full Look-ahead Contouring Capability
Designed, Built and Supported by IPG