groove pulley / ribbed belt
ø 100 - 1 500 mm

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groove pulley / ribbed belt groove pulley / ribbed belt - ø 100 - 1 500 mm


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  • Applications:

    ribbed belt


A TYPE SHEAVE: 1 plate+ 1 welding
Due to its 1 + 1 design and cold working manufacturing process, A type sheave is a very competitive option with high quality. As it is naturally limited to heavy loads is greatest choice for small and medium diameters.

C TYPE SHEAVE: 2 plates+2 welding
C type sheave has a 2+2 design with a strategic inclination of its plates. Owing to this, it can withstand heavier loads than A type with a more uniform stress distribution. Therefore, it allows larger diameters with less limitation of the load capacity.
Its only limitation is through being welded and because it is a hollow sheave. For that reason, it is not recommendes for subsea jobs/duties and/or corrosive environments

SOLID SHEAVE: Free of welding
It offers the strongest solution in comparison with the A and C type sheaves because It lacks any welding. It can be machined according to customers drawings in rolled or forged steel. Due to the manufacturing processes, they make it the most suitable sheave to work in harsh & hazard environments where welding is not allowed at all.