electric infrared heater / for drying / with ventilator / stainless steel



  • Power source:


  • Applications:

    for drying

  • Other characteristics:

    quartz, tube, stainless steel, with ventilator

  • Power:

    50 kW (67.98 hp)

    Max.: 54 kW (73.42 hp)

    Min.: 43 kW (58.46 hp)


Save energy, time and space with the perfect solution for paint booth curing. With IRT PowerCure the car can be returned in the shortest possible time. IRT PowerCure drastically shortens the curing times for all paint materials with a minimum of energy used. Radically reduce the energy consumption and pay off the investment in a very short time. IRT PowerCure will only heat and cure the selected panels of the car. IRT PowerCure keeps track of position and status of the curing process and will turn on- and off the individual lamps in a fraction of a second, to only use the energy needed for the curing job

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