automatic wrapping robot / pallet
Robot Fasciapallet Leonardo



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Designed by Italdibipack Group R&D Team, Leonardo is a pallet-wrapping robot, UNIQUE of its kind, able to successfully solve any requirements in wrapping of pallettized and not-pallettized loads thanks to its innovative high-technology and patented devices.
This self-moving robot, conceived to wrap loads of different weight and size anyplace, has compact overall dimensions and reduced weight in order to be handled easily (this is far simpler thanks to a practical driving system with helm equipped with push-button controls) and it can work in only 75 cm around the pallet to be wrapped thanks to an ELECTRIC MANOEUVRING SYSTEM PAT and a complex ROTATION SYSTEM around the pallet thanks to a TOUCHING WHEELER, therefore it can work in a small working area that is smaller than the other pallet-wrapping robots.