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wet and dry vacuum cleaner / three-phase / for the plastics industry / metal machining



  • Applications:

    wet and dry

  • Power source:


  • Domain:

    for the plastics industry, metal machining

  • Other characteristics:

    mobile, ATEX

  • Capacity:

    160 l (42.3 gal)



The industrial vacuums of the iV3 Clean line are without a doubt the strongest of the wheeled iVision vacuums and are used to carry out important cleaning jobs and to deep-clean large machine tools with large accumulations of residual metals and liquids. They are used for general cleaning of companies and as an integration to machine tools of various types.
Whether they use lathes, saws, or work centers, every metal-mechanical company produces – in large or small quantities- chips, dust or swarf that need to be efficiently collected in order to maintain clean machine tools and offices, but above all in order to safeguard the health of operators. The objective of these industrial vacuums of the Clean iV3 line are the winning weapon to maintain a clean company.
In additional to industrial vacuums with side-channel turbines of the iV3 Clean line, iVision also projected a product of a dedicated series with specific accessories for the metal-mechanical industry that render all of our industrial vacuums ideal and indispensable for any office.