CW laser diode / high-performance / cooled / compact

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CW laser diode / high-performance / cooled / compact CW laser diode / high-performance / cooled / compact


  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, cooled, high-performance

  • Power:

    275 W


Small but Extremely Powerful: 275-Watt Passively-Cooled Diode Laser for Hard Pulse and CW Conditions

Our new generation of high-performance diode lasers are all about increased power, reduced costs per watt, smaller laser system dimensions, and above all, simpler design.
diode laser

Diode Laser 275 Watt

With an output power of 275 watts, a compact size, smart heat management functionality, and innovative connection technology, these next-generation lasers really do deliver – and not just on top performance but on reduced costs and complexity too! They open new doors for you, as a manufacturer of laser systems and devices, to develop even more compact and higher performance systems for applications requiring extremely high power levels and efficient heat removal.
High Performance - Thanks to Technology

Thanks to our innovative and patented mounting and connection technology, our passively-cooled diode laser can achieve an extremely high power level for reliable hard pulse and CW operation.

Previous mounting and connection technologies relied on laser bars being soldered onto heat sinks; these soldered connections could become weakened by mechanical forces exerted under hard pulse conditions and by the associated fluctuations in temperature. We have therefore developed a new technique that does away with soldering altogether, meaning the connection is much more stable, more robust and can withstand fluctuations in temperature during hard pulse operation.

The smart heat management functionality also ensures optimum heat distribution so that the laser stays sufficiently cool even in hot operating temperatures.