profile roll forming machine / for the building industry



  • Finished product:

    for profiles

  • Other characteristics:

    for the building industry

  • Sheet thickness:

    0.7 mm, 0.8 mm

  • Sheet width:

    Max.: 720 mm

    Min.: 130 mm


> Product plus:

Standing seam roll-forming machine suitable for the building site constraints
Installation and use directly on the roof
Light frame made of aluminum
Removable roll-forming blocks and guides without tool
Transportable in any type of vehicle
Roll-forming quality identical to the big roll-forming machines in workshops
Roll-forming of any type of trays in 1 run or 2 runs

> Standard equipment:

Welded-metal frame made of aluminum
4 carrying handles and slinging rings
Removable roll-forming blocks by quick release levers
7 sets of roll-forming rollers
Removable entry guides by levers
Guide rails to slide the block for tray width adjsutment
Metal sheet support guide, sliding, equipped with anti-marking nylon rollers
Metal sheet straightening device
Continuous forward motion, backward motion, control by switch