2-roller plate bending machine / electric
ROL series



  • Number of rollers:


  • Operation:


  • Sheet thickness:

    2 mm

    Max.: 2.5 mm

    Min.: 0.4 mm


> Product plus:

Variable speed by switch
Quick positioning of the bending roller with a position marker on counter for repetitive production
Quick positioning with index of the presser roller depending on thickness
Conical-shaped central rollers to compensate distortions
Protecting cover of upper and lower rollers for safe work

> Standard equipment:

Machined rollers made of high-carbon steel (24 HRC)
Back roller equipped with a counter
Lower roller equipped with a position marker
For production of seaming pipes, upper roller equipped with a tangential slot
For rolling of cones, machine equipped with a movable gauge and a tilting device of the back roller
Motor equipped with a variator to set the rolling speed easily depending on the works to be made
Driving motor equipped with a brake for accurate positioning of the metal sheet (cancels the inertia effect)
Protective enclosures
Control pedal