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threaded insert / metal / round / for machines

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threaded insert / metal / round / for machines threaded insert / metal / round / for machines


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    for machines


KATO Tangless inserts can save thousands of dollars by eliminating the likelihood of damage to the machined part, and preventing the need to rework. KATO Tangless inserts can reduce the number of scrapped parts generated from incorrect installation of tanged inserts. Having a notch on both ends means KATO Tangless inserts can be repositioned (if installed too deep), or removed without any damage to the parent material, insert, or STI threads. Try that with a tanged insert!

Go Tangless
Not Convinced?
Tangless design means no tangs to break off, retrieve, or lose.
Eliminates the need to purchase tang-break off tools, or experience time loss due tanged retrieval form blind holes.
Substantial installation cost savings over conventional tanged helically-coiled inserts (CoilThread, Helicoil, Recoil, etc...).
NAS1130, NA0276 and NASM8846 Approval.
FOD-free installation for increased flight safety.
Quick and non-destructive insert removal and depth adjustment.
Bi-Directional design, no need to orient the insert for installation.