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ergonomic positioning torque arm



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KATO Linear Torque Arm
KATO Linear Torque Arm (2KLRM-1) is a torque reaction arm, designed to install Tangless or tanged KATO CoilThread inserts using any KATO electric installation tool. Add the optional Air Tool Kit (2KLRM-1A), and the KATO Linear Torque Arm will work seemlessly with the KATO pneumatic installation tools.

The KATO Linear Arm offers an unprecedented smoothness of linear and rotational movements as it absorbs the torque reaction inherent with power installation tools. The KATO Linear Arm delivers ultra smooth vertical, horizontal, and rotational motion, provides ergonomic support for the operator, and reduces operator fatigue. The fluid movement of the KATO Linear Arm increases precision and production for a variety of applications.