hydrostatic level transmitter / piezoresistive / for liquids / analog
36XW series

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hydrostatic level transmitter hydrostatic level transmitter - 36XW series


  • Technology:

    hydrostatic, piezoresistive

  • Medium:

    for liquids

  • Other characteristics:

    analog, digital output

  • Process pressure:

    Max.: 30 bar (435.11 psi)

    Min.: 0 bar (0 psi)

  • Process temperature:

    Max.: 80 °C (176 °F)

    Min.: -20 °C (-4 °F)


These pressure transmitters are designed for level measurements where the highest accuracy
is required.

Digital Output of Transmitter

This Series is based on the stable, piezoresisitive transducer and a micro-processor electronics
with integrated 16 bit A/D converter. Temperature dependencies and non-linearities of the
sensor are mathematically compensated. With the CCS30 software and the KELLER converter
K-114, the calculated pressure can be displayed on a computer. The CCS30 software also
allows the recording and graphic display of pressure signals. Up to 128 transmitters can be
hooked together to a Bus-system.

Transmitter with Analog Output

Integrated in the processor is a D/A converter of 16 bit for analog signal outputs
(4…20 mA, 0…10 V, …). The output rate is 400 Hz (adjustable). The digital output is available on all transmitters with analog output.


With the KELLER software CCS30, a RS485 converter (i.e. K-114 from KELLER) and a PC
(Laptop), the pressure can be displayed, the units changed, a new gain or zero set. The analog
output can be set to any range within the compensated range.
The level transmitters are available in two different versions:

• PAA-36 X W Absolute, Zero at Vacuum
This probe is applied when the atmospheric pressure is measured by a separate barometer
and when the water level is calculated as the difference between the absolute value and the
ambient pressure