straight-toothed gear reducer / parallel-shaft / precision / high-performance



  • Type:


  • Shaft orientation:


  • Performance:

    precision, high-performance, low-noise, high load capacity, high-rigidity, high-efficiency

  • Other characteristics:

    rugged, industrial, compact, for servo motors, custom, for textiles, for the chemical industry, for robots, for motors, for jacking machinery, for robotics, for food packaging, for belt conveyors, micro, for mixers, for food, for slewing drive, for machine tools, for motor coupling, for industrial applications

  • Torque:

    8 Nm (5.9005


High mechanical resistance gearbox for the most demanding applications. Reduction with hobbed spur gears, with steel gearwheels and sprockets, with surface anti-friction heat treatment. Outer box cast in Zamak. Steel output shaft Ø6mm
High endurance gearbox for heavy duty continuous workload in any
position, at room temperature from -15 to 50°C, with torque load up to
8 Nm, steady load.
■ Box. Made of die-cast Zamak. Frontal mounting by four M5 threaded
holes (3 the same as K40 gearbox).
■ Gear set. Hobbed spur gear set with steel pinions and gear wheels,
with case superficial heat anti-friction treatment. The intermediate
gears turn on rectified hardened steel shafts, which are fixed to the box.
■ Output shaft. Ø10 mm steel shaft, 30 mm usable length, with a flat.
Incorporates and turns on ball bearings.
■ Output shaft load:
Axial direction, pull or push 500 N ≈ 50 Kg.
Radial direction, at 15 mm from box 400 N ≈ 40 Kg.
■ Lubrication. Lithium grade 2 grease.
■ Weight. With maximal number of stages: SM version: 0.81 Kg,
ER version: 0.86 Kg.
■ SM: without motor, with intermediate plate to couple another motors
from Ø30 up to Ø65 mm, with Ø3.17, Ø4, Ø5, Ø6, Ø7 or Ø8 mm shaft.
■ ER-6/8: without motor, with a Ø6 or Ø8 mm receiver input shaft, which
incorporates and turns on ball bearings, located at the opposite side
of the output shaft.
■ Frontal mounting by six M4 threaded holes (4 the same as K40 gearbox).
Avoid impacts on the output shaft when assembling or disassembling
parts on it, this could damage the gearbox.
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