single-phase motor / asynchronous / 220 V / variable-speed



  • AC/DC:


  • Type:


  • Voltage :

    220 V

  • Other characteristics:

    variable-speed, low-voltage, reversible, high-voltage, medium-voltage, stainless steel, high-precision, for agribusiness, custom, precision, industrial, compact, for robotics, micro, robust, packaging machine, low-noise

  • Torque:

    0.018 Nm (0.0133

  • Power:

    21 W (0.029 hp)

  • Rotational speed:

    2,700 rpm (16,964.6 rad.min-1)


Single-phase asynchronous motor with spur gearbox. Quiet operation with a high starting torque. Allows rotation in a defined direction (clockwise or counterclockwise)
Single-phase asynchronous motors with instantaneous starting by means of
shaded poles. Not RF interferences.
The motors incorporate a high starting torque and they run quietly in any position.
■ Composition: In magnetic steel plate and squirrel-cage rotor made of die-
cast aluminium.
Zamak die-casting bearing brackets, with sintered-bronze self-lubricating
bearings, with a large oil reserve for Ø4 shaft, or ball bearings for Ø6 shaft,
for continuous S1 duty, higher than 10,000 hours at 30°C.
Steel shaft of Ø4 or Ø6 mm depending on the version of motor required.
■ Protection: IP 00 (CEI 529).
■ Insulating: H class CEI 85 (EN 60204-1) in self extinguishing plastic reel VO class.
■ Voltage test: EN 60204-1.
■ Operating voltage: 230 V - 50 Hz (for others, request information).
■ Connection: by Faston 6.35 terminal.
■ Operating temperature limits: within -10 and 50°C, overheating ∆T 70°C.
■ Five stack versions: thickness, 11 - 16 - 20 - 30 and 40 mm.
■ Extra torque ‘R’ or super extra torque ‘BR’ windings to operate with cooling
fan, or intermittent operation, to indicate (thermal protector recommendation).
■ Low torque ‘D’ winding for continuous operation at room temperatures up to 70°C.
■ Thermal protector on all models, except in G411.
■ Flexible cable connections.
■ Bearing brackets with sintered-bronze self-lubricating bearings, also feasible
with Ø6 shaft in G620, G630 and G640 models.
■ Tailored and special machined motor shafts, available on clients specification.