multitouch screen operator terminal / panel-mount / embedded / 1024 x 600
Kuhnke Vico MT 706



  • Interface:

    multitouch screen

  • Mounting:

    panel-mount, embedded

  • Resolution:

    1024 x 600

  • Processor:

    Freescale i.MX6

  • Other characteristics:

    LCD, Ethernet, USB, with Windows embedded, rugged, robust, IP65, with card reader

  • Applications:

    display, industrial, control, visualization

  • Screen size:

    7 in


The new Kuhnke Vico Multitouch range consists of high-performance display units in industry compatible design that enable modern control concepts.
The Kuhnke Vico Multitouch supports smartphone typical functions such as paging, scrolling, turning of objects, flicks etc. allowing new control concepts for industrial applications.
The high-quality front of the device offers edgeless design combining hardened glass with an aluminum frame. It is scratch proof and easy to clean.
The CODESYS HMI software package allows combining and visualizing data from one or more separate controllers via one central HMI. Using a free CODESYS development system, data visualization can be developed separately or in combination with the SPS application.
The fully functional embedded system is based on scalable i.MX6 processor technology combined with a multitouch TFT display. All components are highly robust and will be available over a long period of time.