robotic palletizer / articulated / bag / for boxes



  • Type:


  • Product applications:

    bag, for boxes, for building materials, for chemical products, for home appliances, for laminating, for the food and beverage industry, bulk products, for the cement industry

  • Other characteristics:


  • Throughput:

    1,200 p/h, 5,000 p/h


We are the solution partner and system integrator of the World's biggest and well known robot manufacturer Fanuc Robotics. We offer high quality robotic palletizing solutions for various industries like bagged products (cement, building chemicals, gypsum, flour etc. ) and wide range of boxed products (beverage, food, household appliances, laminate flooring and etc.) in addition to panel and roll products (Isolation boards & rolls, textile products and etc.) We design effective robotic solutions tailored for client's products and processes.

Bringing high technology and design together, allows us to solve any palletizing task with the highest efficiency that is possible. The option to design, manufacture and install multifunctional tools attached to the same robot, makes us one of the most innovative competitor in global industry. We do not only manufacture robotic palletizing lines, we bring know how and solution together.