digital multimeter / portable / 1000 V / 10 A
U12xx series



  • Type:


  • Form:


  • Max voltage:

    1000 V

  • Max current:

    10 A

  • Applications:



Agilent offers handheld digital multimeters in three models - U1230, U1240 and U1250 series.

The U1230 is a top-performing HH-DMM suitable for all types of conditions, including dark, noisy and even risky environments. The devices are prepared for handling worst-case scenarios while also fully equipped to handle routine operating functions. For illumination of dim test areas, the devices include an integrated flashlight. The ergonomic design makes it easy to handle.

With the U1230, continuity can be better detected with the distinctly-audible beeper alert and a display with flashing backlight. It also includes Vsense, which provides excellent detection of non-contact voltage.

The U1240 are more efficient and economical handheld digital multimeters. The devices allow fast checks on installation and maintenance (I&M) for facility, machinery, and electrical systems. Glitches can be detected using the switch counter. It has a harmonic ratio. It is capable of measuring both dual and differential temperatures.

The U1250 are power-packed devices for for detecting the most challenging glitches in troubleshooting of electronics and electrical circuits. It is the first handheld DMM in the world that features OLED display. It features a frequency counter of 20 MHz, a square-wave generator with programmability, and capabilities for logging of data.