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linear vibrator / electromagnetic / for the pharmaceutical industry / for hoppers



  • Operation:


  • Product applications:

    for the pharmaceutical industry, for hoppers, for conveyors, conveying, feeder, for granulates, for the food industry, for bulk materials, for food products, for the food and beverage industry, filling, for pharmaceutical products, for powders, for agricultural applications, for dispensers, for bulk materials, for medical applications

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, single-phase


A compact vibrator for light capacity. Will activate sieves, trays (open, covered, bevelled, V shape, etc) for conveying, sieving or feeding a variety of materials. Manufactured for bespoke fitting to larger packaging machinery, such us linear weighing machines and packing machines, multi head weighing machines, feeders and counting machines.

As with all Kinnersley vibrators, they are extremely reliable and low maintenance making them perfect for sustained automation processes.

Suitable for use in the following industries:

Food & beverage
Pharmaceutical, healthcare & medical